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Weight Management
Health Tip: Pack Healthy Beach Snacks
Posted July 17, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Concession-stand snacks at the beach don't always offer the healthiest options. But packing your own snacks ensures that you fuel your body with healthy foods. The  ...
No Snacking During Mid-Morning Leads to Better Weight Loss
WebMD Health News Journalist, Denise Mann reports new findings from a recent published study in the December issue of the Journal of American Dietetic Association. The study titled, “Associations between Snacking and  ...
Is Activating Brown Fat the Key to Weight Loss?
Posted July 31, 2014 Not all fat in the human body is the same. One of the major differentiators is based upon the concentration of mitochondria -- the energy producing compartments of cells. When there are a lot  ...
Seven Keys To Achieving New Year's Resolutions
By Michael T. Murray, ND I absolutely love this time of year. It allows me to fully examine my life and, of course, assess if I achieved the goals that I set for the previous year. I began 2015 with seven  ...
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